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Welcome to Distilled!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

We welcome everyone of all experience levels and areas of academic interest. For many of our team members, being part of Distilled is their first time being part of a publication, so don't be shy! We would love to have you.

Since our founding in 2017, undergraduate students, graduate students, post-bacs, and post-docs have worked alongside each other at Distilled.

What is the timeline for joining?

Usually, we try to put together our full team of 30 to 40 writers, editors, and designers by late September or early October. Make sure you're on our email list so you don't miss out on our initial meetings.

Any other specific questions or concerns?

Contact our 2021-2022 Editor-In-Chief, Murilo Dorion, at, our 2021-2022 Managing Editor, Arushi Dogra, at, or reach out to our team at

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